Eligibility Requirements

Children’s Funeral Foundation works directly with the funeral home and/or cemetery to make the payment for the bereaved family. The Children’s Funeral Foundation’s licensed funeral counselors will work directly with the family, funeral home and/or cemetery to assist with the funeral arrangement process.

Who is eligible: Families of Florida whose child was full term and under 21 years old who died of an accident, suicide, SIDS/SUDC, homicide, medical condition or disease. Children’s Funeral Foundation is here to support families who do not have enough resources to pay for funeral expenses. All other resources must be exhausted before CFF will assist the family. If there are extraordinary circumstances, they need to be stated on the application. In order to receive assistance, proof of Florida residency and U.S. citizenship is required.

How we can help: Children’s Funeral Foundation offers assistance up to $3,000 towards the cost of funeral options.

How to apply: Scan and email completed application to: LeighCFFoundation@gmail.com or Mail to: P.O. Box 356, Goldenrod, FL 32733. Click here to Download Application Form

To apply for assistance for a child, please fill out the CFF application completely, and mail or fax it to us, along with a certified copy of the death certificate (without cause of death on it). Once we receive the complete information, the file will be sent through the review and approval process. Approval amounts are subject to fund availability and review committee discretion.

Payment: CFF pays the funeral home and/or cemetery directly, as we do not give funds to the family.

What we do not pay for or fund: CFF does not pay for past funeral expenses, airfare, obituary postings, death certificates, flowers, medical examiner’s fees or other extraordinary items. If there is a question regarding application qualification, please contact the CFF office. The request for assistance should be made immediately after the death has occurred, as our staff is here to help the family make the funeral arrangements with the funeral home and/or cemetery, and guide them through this difficult process.

Note: Each family will be called by a CFF staff member to confirm their need. If you would like to expedite the process, a family member may call or email the CFF office and leave a message confirming their need.

If you have additional questions: Call us at (352) 877-KIDS, email our office staff at LeighCFFoundation@gmail.com or visit our website at www.childrensfuneralfoundation.org.