“The most tragic thing that can happen to a mom is to lose a child. In May of 2014, I loss a son in a tragic death. I can say beyond a shadow of a doubt, Leigh walked me through the process of burial etc…in a way that I can’t even describe. She cares genuinely! It is as if she puts herself in your shoes to help you. She was at my sons burial. She became my FRIEND. It was not a business deal. It was a process of compassion and caring and LOVE. She and I became very closes friends because she loved me through the process. She even attended my younger sons swearing in to the Florida Bar Association, and just became like family to us. You can’t “act or perform” in thes type of career. Thank you God. She is a true example of how God wants us to love one another.”

Evelyn Williams…..

“During the most difficult time in my life, Leigh assisted me with her compassionate guidance and knowledge. Overwhelmed with the sudden loss of my only child, she displayed heartfelt professionalism, always focused on my needs. Her kind gestures and knowledge helped me in beginning the lifelong process of my great grief and road to healing. I will always be thankful for Leigh being there for me.”

Love and Hope,
Cynthia Fortune….